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Rock Carvings

Rock Carving

Rock carvings collectables in Red Dead Redemption 2. You must get the Geology for Beginners quest from the Stranger, Francis Sinclair, northwest of Strawberry.

There are 3 rewards for finding Rock Carvings:

  • 1 Rock Carving found - $10, Kentucky bourbon.
  • 5 Rock Carvings found - Rock statue.
  • 10 Rock Carvings found - Old Brass Compass; Used to craft the Raven Claw Talisman (Slows weapon degradation by 20%)
Bacchus Station

Bacchus Station

Cumberland Forest Dakota River Rock Carving

Cumberland Forest Dakota River

Elysian Pool

Heartlands Dakota River

Moonstone Pond Rock Carving

Moonstone Pond

Mount Hagen

Mount Shann Rock Carving

Mount Shann

Owanjila Rock Carving


Roanoke Ridge Rock Carving

Roanoke Ridge

Whinyard Strait Rock Carving

Whinyard Strait